Coffee Table Styling

A coffee table tends to be the centrepiece of your living area so of course you want it to look perfect. Styling it may seem daunting but we promise it’s super simple and you’ll have a beautifully styled coffee table in no time at all after following these tips.

Tip 1: Start with a tall vase, this adds height to the coffee table as well as adding a fresh feel and pop of colour with a bunch of colourful flowers. Our Liberty Ceramic Jar looks gorgeous on top of a coffee table and draws your eyes in as you enter the room.

Tip 2: Add an ornament with an interesting shape to your coffee table, this adds depth and stops the room from looking flat. The decorative element makes it unique and stands out in the living area. Our Silver Cement Apple and Pear are a perfect example of this.

Tip 3: Everyone wants their home to smell fresh and cosy, add a candle or reed diffuser to the coffee table, perfect for a decorative element as well as that lovely aroma. Our White Small Wax Filled Candle is the perfect addition with its gold edging adding colour and style as well as smelling beautiful when lit.

Tip 4: Every coffee table needs coasters of course! Whilst relaxing with a cup of tea or having a few drinks with your friends a set of coasters are the perfect way to decorate your coffee table as well as being extremely useful. Our White Marble and Brass Coasters are great for holding your drinks but they come with a stand to hold them all together whilst not in use and being used as a gorgeous decorative element.

Happy Styling!