Dinner Parties

Now that restrictions are easing, we can finally have friends and family round in the garden, just in time for warm summer evenings and dinner parties! We can't think of anything better than being able to spend some quality time with loved ones, having a few drinks and a lot of gorgeous food. 

Hosting the first garden dinner party in what feels like forever can be daunting as I'm sure we all feel slightly out of practice! However don't worry as we've got you covered and found the best platters and spreads perfect for you to order for your dinner party, completely avoiding the stress of cooking. 


L'incontro- L'Aperidinner the large box

For the charcuterie fans L'incontro have incredible boxes full of meats and cheeses. The l'aperidinner box is for 5-6 people, perfect for an Italian evening following the 6 person per garden limit. 

Wellocks Luxury Brunch Selection 

A beautiful brunch is always a winner amongst family and friends, Wellocks luxury brunch is an amazing way to win over your guests. The ingredients are delivered straight to your door for you to cook and create a gorgeous meal, it couldn't be any easier!


Stein's at Home- The Vegetarian Menu

Of course we want to cater to everybody, the vegetarian menu is perfect for those non meat eaters who still want an amazing meal. This at home box creates a 3 course meal with the freshest ingredients, perfect for a night with your partner or your best friend.


Local E Sourced- Sweet Treat Grazing Box

To finish off, there's always room for dessert no matter what the occasion, a sweet grazing box is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Enjoy snacking on these treats with a movie or after dinner.