Entryway Details

Entryway Details

First impressions count! The second someone steps foot into your home you want them to be impressed and feel extremely welcomed. This is the perfect opportunity to set the tone for your whole house and leave your visitors amazed. 

The entryway to your home is one of the most important but thankfully also one of the smallest spaces meaning that it’s super easy to add details and a welcoming touch to any guests entering your home.

A great starting point is our Essential Diamond Console, featuring a diamond shaped steel frame which supports a glass table top, this piece looks fabulous styled in a hallway. Adding a sleek console table adds dimension to a usually dull hallway, the glass top adds elegance and a small but stylish space for extra details on top.

A great way to add depth above or beside a console table is by adding a mirror. Our Crystalline Effect Mirror would look amazing in any hallway and really catch the eye of anyone entering your home. Adding this to your wall gives off the impression that the space is much bigger than it actually is as well as adding unique shapes due to the design of this particular mirror.

To add a practical element why not include our Brooke Umbrella Stand, perfect to store umbrellas and walking sticks or if you fancy a more feminine look why not add a bunch of flowers. Adding a practical element to your hallway allows visitors to see your home as stylish but also thoughtful and inviting as you’ve catered to their and the families needs. The pattern of this stand is amazing and is sure to take an empty corner to a beautiful one.

The hallway is the perfect place to leave keys and wallets lying about as you put them down after coming home from work. To save misplacing them our Set Of 2 White Wooden Boxes would be a great storage solution as well as adding a stylish touch to the top of your console table.

We hope our Entryway Details have given you some inspiration for your homes, happy styling!