How to Style A Console Table

A well styled Console Table can make a room! A console table may only be a small piece of furniture, but it's extremely versatile. Whether it's in your Hallway, Living Room or Bedroom, a console table can be styled to compliment your home.

Their minimalistic design means that a console table provides the perfect blank canvas for decorating, and we've put together our top tips on how to style your console table.

1. Where should you put your console table?

A console table can be placed anywhere in your home, however they are perfect for filling any empty spaces on your walls. Their slender shapes mean that they are usually placed in hallways or entryways, however they can be used in any room throughout your home. With the correct placement, a console table can be used in a variety of ways and are a great way to add a little style to any room.

Our range of silver console tables are the perfect to be included in any room in your home.

Hallway or Entryway

The most popular use for a console table is the hallway or entryway of a home. It's the perfect piece to catch guests attention when they first enter your home. You will often find console tables styled in hallways coupled with wall mirrors, which will help add light and functionality.

Dining Room

Another application for a console table is in the dining room. They can be placed near a dining table to provide extra table top surface for items which don't need to be placed on your dining table. Console tables can also be perfect to use a temporary bar, or if it has draws then you can use it to store your cutlery, napkins and placemats.

Living Room

A console table can offer various different uses in a living room. They are often used as an extended sofa table or placed against an empty space in a wall to accent the room and they can the perfect piece to give additional storage options.

Bedroom Room

A console table and a wall mirror can look fabulous in a bedroom, and if you add a accent chair or stool, it can be the perfect bedroom vanity that doesn't take up too much space. It can also provide the perfect space to host your table lamp, jewellery or perfume.

A console table in a bedroom can also be the perfect nightstand, with the extra surface you'll have plenty of space for your books and any other pieces you need. 

2. Create an anchor for your table

An anchor is a large focal point in the centre of your table. It can be a large mirror, bold artwork or a clock placed above the table to help visually anchor it to the wall.

3. Add height

Draw interest to your console table with objects of varying height. You can try this with candles, vases or any other ornaments that offer varying heights.

4. Add a Little Light

Table lamps and candles can be an unexpected way to add texture to your console table. The light will reflect off each piece of decor and help add depth to your space. It also provides a great alternative to using the ceiling light.

5. Add Storage Options

Although it has a minimalist design, it doesn't mean you have to hold back when styling your console table. Adding storage options to your table provides the perfect solution to help keep your home looking beautiful and tidy. Decorative Boxes can provide the perfect storage option for your console table.

Marmo Marble Console Table

6. Add a Ginger Jar

Ginger Jars can look amazing when styled correctly on a console table. They provide the perfect centrepiece to really catch peoples attention when they see your table.

 Petite Glass Console Table

7. Stack Books

Adding a stack of books onto a console table can be the perfect way to add a splash of bold colour to your room. Our range of designer coffee table books can look amazing on a console table.