How to Style Your Coffee Table Books

Find out all you need to know about stylish Coffee Table Books and how they are the perfect accessory to add an individualized touch to your living room.

Whether you’re a bonafide bookworm who devours a novel per night, or somebody who prefers instead to casually flick through a coffee table book of beautiful images, there is no doubt that books, in all their varying forms, bring a moment of peaceful escapism and serenity in this hectic, digital age. Books bring an element of style and class, wholly unrivalled by any form of modern technology. A tablet or e-reader will never quite evoke the feeling of holding a wonderful book and breathing in the distinctively comforting aroma of paper and print.

Books are not necessarily the first thing most people think of when imagining innovative interior design trends, but here at Shabby, we certainly think they should be. They really are a fabulous way of expressing yourself and adding interest and a touch of culture to any interior space. Whether they are oversized coffee table books filled with modern photography, or a collection of tightly packed and dusty paperbacks filling an entire bookcase or shelving unit. Beautiful coffee table books can really elevate your home décor to another level entirely. They are generally large in size and of the highest quality, often filled with artistically shot photographs or stunning illustrations. Almost always hardbacked and with a particularly striking or memorable outer cover.

A coffee table book (or two) makes a wonderful centrepiece on any coffee table. They can be a conversation starter or some light entertainment for a visitor to your home or office space. They can provide inspiration to the reader, with short bursts of information and imagery, which can be picked up and put down at ease. They can give your guests a real window to your soul, highlighting your interests and passions, all in the turn of a page.

The content of a coffee table book is, of course, the principal element, but don’t ever underestimate the visual impact of the outer cover. For this is what will draw in the reader initially. If you really want to make the maximum style statement then think carefully and choose tonal shades to compliment the surrounding room décor or contrasting bright hues to make a bold statement. Choose colours because they represent your personality or simply because they make you happy! Texture and print style are important elements, both contributing to the overall visual appeal of a coffee table book, glossy or matte, grosgrain or smooth, patterned or plain, foiled or embossed, the options are almost limitless.

When it comes to arranging your coffee table books the possibilities are endless. A stack of tonal or contrasting books can be a super stylish addition to any coffee table. Lay out a number on top of your coffee table, or arrange them neatly, on the lower shelf of a two-tier coffee table, such as the Petite Glass Coffee Table by Shabby. Why not try stacking them on a side table, such as our Horizon Silver End Table, to make an individual and unique stand for your favourite table lamp. Line them up in random order on a single shelf or sideboard, supported by a striking pair of statement bookends. Our Shabby ‘Luxe Marble Bookends’ are perfectly finished with a gold geometric pattern and will bring an art deco vibe to any room. Our Gold Snake Bookends are enticingly unique and will add intrigue and mystery to your book collection. You will find our full collection of fabulous Bookends on our Home Accessory page.

Rotating your coffee table books around the home is a terrific way to keep things feeling fresh, perhaps give pride of place to the books you feel will most appeal to your expected visitors. A coffee table book detailing the life and work of a leading fashion designer will inspire any visiting fashionista. Shabby proudly presents a number of stunning coffee table books, detailing the life and works of fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent, and Alexander McQueen, as well as the catwalk collections of Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Dior. All of these can be found in the Coffee Table Books section of our website. A beautiful coffee table book laid out on a bedside table makes the perfect bedtime reading for your overnight guest and is a thoughtful final addition to any well styled guest bedroom.

A great coffee table book can invite the reader into a whole new world, the unique pick-me-up and put-me-down quality they possess soon takes away any notion of intimidation and gives them a glimpse into a whole new subject matter. Perhaps sparking an interest in something that the reader may never have considered before. A fabulous coffee table book can focus on any subject matter from fashion, travel, or history through to geography or the natural world, it can be factual or fictional. All are equally compelling when brought to life by an inviting hardback cover and incredible and well laid out imagery within. If you want to optimise the experience for your guests then a selection of Coffee Table Books, across a wide range of subject matter, will ensure there is something for everyone. Should you have visiting (or resident) children then they will adore sitting with a grown up and flicking through the images, reading aloud, and learning as they go. Reading is a beautiful thing.

A thoughtfully chosen, beautifully wrapped and timeless hardback coffee table book makes the most wonderful gift for somebody special. Add a personally handwritten and dated note inside the cover to create a precious and everlasting memory for the recipient, which will make them smile and bring back memories, whenever they should open the book, for years to come. At Shabby we think that a handwritten note is one tradition that certainly needs keeping alive. Whether it is Christmas or a special birthday, or simply to say thank you or ‘I miss you’ at any time of year, the gift of a quality and thoughtful book should never be underestimated. It is a forever gift that will make the recipient feel appreciated and considered in a way that not many gifts could ever do.

Whatever you choose to adorn your coffee table, whether a choice display of candles or a single but much-loved ornament, a selection of Coffee Table books alongside is one investment that we promise you will never regret. Happy reading!