National Cream Tea Day

National cream tea day is a great annual British tradition, who doesn’t love an excuse to indulge in a gorgeous array of cream tea foods and spend time with your loved ones whilst doing so!


Dare we say the most popular item of food on a cream tea platter is the scones, even though the all too well-known debate is an annual occurrence. Do you pronounce scone like gone or scone like cone? We’ll leave that up to you to decide! If you’re staying at home to celebrate this year Morrison’s are selling not one but three afternoon tea platters! Just simply go to your local Morrison’s and you’re sure to find one there- how easy! If you enjoy a day of baking we’ve found an amazing scone recipe for you to do at home.


 Of course there are many more components to an afternoon tea, starting with the drinks. A hot cup of tea or coffee is a match made in heaven against a plate of food however if you prefer something a bit stronger a glass of prosecco does the trick! If you’ve not got much of a sweet tooth why not add sandwich and a variety of snacky food to cater for all your guests.


This National Cream Tea day we have paired up with Piglets Pantry to giveaway 5 of their cream tea’s and 5 of our marble teapots. Head to our post to enter! Happy Cream Tea Day.