Q&A With @theginbandits

Get to know the brand we have recently collaborated with for World Gin Day! The Gin Bandits.

When did you start gin bandits?

It’s been a little while now, I think we have been up and running for 3 or 4 years. It all started off as a bit of a hobby. We have always loved gin, but we became interested in different gins back in 2011. We discovered there were more gins out there than the supermarket’s own brand of stuff we used to drink. It was Martin Miller’s and Tanqueray No TEN that really changed things for us, and they are two gins we still love. The Gin Bandits was born after we built a gin bar in our back garden. It started off as a hobby of collecting gins which weren’t commonly available in the supermarkets. Rather than boring friends with posts on our personal social media accounts, we opened a page dedicated to gin to showcase our love for juniper with other like-minded people. As of today, our gin collection is over 300 bottles.


How long have you been a fan of shabby store?

Mrs Bandit has been a fan for a while now. She’s always looking online for bits for the house, especially now we have just taken on a renovation project in our new house. She’s always showing me some nice bits from The Shabby Store which she wants once we hit the stage of dressing the house.


What is your favourite bar ware piece from shabby store? 

OMG, you have some stunning Bar ware. Part of the Gin Bandits is having beautiful looking glasses to compliment the liquid. It’s quite amazing, we notice a massive difference in post engagement when we have a gin paired with beautiful glassware. People buy with their eyes first, so you must have nice glasses if you’re helping push a brand. Mrs Bandit is obsessed with anything Hexagon, Pentagon or Octagon shaped, so she has her eyes on the Gold Octagon Bar Cart. Me, I love so many things, the shimmer Cocktail Shaker and Ice Bucket is lovely. We also both love the silver strip cocktail glasses and champagne flutes. They are amazing, and all the Rosa range is on Mrs Bandits’ wish list.


What product have you got your eye on at the moment?

Outside of the bar ware, I also have my eye on the Gold Segmented Wall Clock. It’s currently out of stock, but that would be a lovely addition in our living room. We have a navy blue and gold colour scheme and that clock would fit nicely above the fireplace


What is the favourite room in your home?

Our favourite room is our living room. As mentioned, we have just taken on a project. We are currently having a double storey side extension being built so we are yet to start really decorating until that is finished. The living room is the only room we have completed which we did ourselves. If anyone is interested, they can follow our build and DIY at our new Instagram page, @HomeAtTheHoneypot. Once the extension is built in around 8 weeks, we move to the garden and we will build a bar to store all our gin. In our last house we had a fantastic gin bar in the garden, and we really miss not having that at the moment. 


What do you love most about reviewing products ?

Our favourite thing about reviewing is helping brands get their product out there. We taste so many fantastic gins from companies that are just starting up, so any publicity we can help them with is a good thing. We want the world to experience good quality gin, and there’s so much out there that is yet to be found. I think working with Shabby Store on the current giveaway really helps the gin brand we have also partnered with get social media traffic. Greenwich gin is a relatively new gin and when we tried it, we really wanted to help push the brand. Timing coincided with us talking about doing a joint giveaway, so it made sense to get a nice young gin brand involved, so thank you for your part in this giveaway, we really appreciate your support. If any of your followers want any advice about gin, please contact us via Instagram. The gin market is so diverse and has something for everyone, even that person who says that they don’t like gin. Often, it’s the tonic that they don’t like. I like to find out people’s taste in food and drinks before recommending a gin and the type of tonic they should mix it with.