Spring Style

Spring Style

After a long, cold winter that seemed to go on forever Spring has finally sprung! Spring decorating is easy to achieve this year by adding lots of fresh, colourful elements and patterns to your home to express the season! 

Spring adds new life and new beauty, exactly what you want throughout your home! Patterns inspired by nature and bursts of bright colours are the key to styling your home for this season to achieve the bringing the outside inside element. 

To add an instant burst of freshness to your home why not add our Lavender in Dolly Tin, the perfect floral touch. If you prefer something a little more green our Nerve Plant in Marble Pot is the perfect addition for a Spring touch, the marble adds a lovely modern touch too!

Adding patterns into your home can be a scary thought but our Large Gold Rings Ceramic Vase does this for you in a gorgeous, subtle way. The series of circles paired with the gold ring creates a gorgeous style in your home.

Our Banana Leaf Duvet Set will add so much freshness to your bedroom, it’s sure to brighten up every day for you. Although beautiful we know that bold patterns aren’t for everyone, if you prefer a more subtle sense of Spring in your bedroom our Ochre Fine Lined Duvet Set is definitely the one for you. This laid back chic set adds a gorgeous pop of colour giving a super fresh feel.


Adding a centre piece to your home is the perfect way to impress whilst sticking to the Spring feel. Our Turquoise Circular Sunburst Mirror would look amazing this season, its bright, striking colours add a huge sense of liveliness to the home.

Sticking with the theme of bright colours our Pink Pierced Jar is a great classic way to involve colour into your home. Its cut patterns and domed lid add gorgeous shapes and patterns as well as adding a colourful touch this Spring.


We hope these Spring Styles have helped you style your home perfectly for the season!