World Baking Day

Happy World Baking Day! I bet you can't name one person who doesn't love a batch of brownies, warm gooey cookies or a tiered cake! Today is the day to grab all of your baking supplies out of the cupboard and create something delicious to share with your friends and family, an amazing way to spend time with your loved ones. 

Whether you're a pro baker or a beginner there's an endless amount of recipes out there to celebrate today. Whatever your preference, sweet or savoury, healthy or covered in chocolate celebrate today to the fullest.


Here at Shabby Store we taking baking very seriously and to celebrate we held a competition for who brought in the best bake, judged by our warehouse team. We had a huge range of brownies, cheesecakes, cakes and rice crispy buns enter the competition, the bake that came out on top for the most visually pleasing was Chloe's 'Happy as a pig sponge cake'. 

We had a joint tie for the best tasting, Aaron's twix cheesecake and Charlotte's chocolate orange cheesecake! To present your bake and make it look even more special why not place it on our Monochrome Cake Stand and you're sure to be a winner!



To re-create the winning bake follow the recipe below. Happy baking.